Coffee of the Month | No. 5 Blend
. In the days of the Traveling Circus, #5 was code for “good coffee ahead”. Our Number 5 blend is smooth, balanced, and, like a good circus, just a little surprising. It’s smooth at the start, full bodied and savory in the middle, and finishes slightly sweet. We love Number 5 because it’s great at breakfast, after dinner, or any time in between. Try it for yourself, and prepare to be astonished!

Coffees from Guatemala, Peru, and Papua New Guinea come together in equal measure in this blend. Our Guatemalan comes from the Antigua region, where the unique climate and volcanic soil give the coffee a slightly smoky and chocolaty flavor. AA grade coffee from Papua New Guinea is full-bodied and rich, without being too heavy. Our Peru is comes from the northeastern Mendoza region, and has a nutty caramel flavor.




Guatemalan, Peruvian, Papua New Guinea

Tasting Notes

Nutty, Caramel, Oat, Savory, Smoky

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