House Blend $13.95 / 12oz
. This is the one they line up for every morning: a Colombian and Sumatran based blend with a heavy body and enough acidity to cut through the milk in a cappuccino. It makes a robust cup of Joe as well. We ‘re always tweaking our House Blend, making sure it matches up to our specifications even as the coffee crops change from year to year. There can be anywhere from five to seven different countries of origin in our blend: right now we have six.

Our Colombian Reserva del Patron always makes up the bulk of the blend; it provides a smooth, rounded body. A big dose of Sumatran provides the earthy tone and long-lasting finish we look for in our espresso. A little bit of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe gives it enough acidity to really pop, and provides the sweet, slightly lemony flavors. We round it out with a little Guatemalan, Java, and Papua New Guinea. No matter what beans are currently making the cut, we constantly taste it in the cafes and out at the lab to make sure the flavors balance.




Colombian, Sumatran, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and our Roastmaster's seasonal selections.

Tasting Notes

Smooth Body, Long Finish, Lemon, Dark Chocolate

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